About Liguori Academy

In September, 2016, Liguori Academy High School welcomed the class of 2020 to our private, independent high school located in the Kensington community of Philadelphia. Liguori serves a diverse population of high school students from throughout the region, and specifically aims to serve those from underserved communities.

With our unique model we monitor and track students’ progress in real time. This education program allows students to progress at a rate that they are comfortable. For students that have not found success in a traditional high school setting or have fallen behind due to external factors, we offer academic remediation in Reading and Math. In our first year of the remediation program we were able to advance students 1.75 years in math skills and 3.2 years in reading.

One of the added benefits to our program is our ability to respond to the ongoing emotional health needs of our students. Liguori is affiliated with Progressions Behavioral Health Services Inc. With Progressions as our service and program partner, we offer students and families strong and caring options in issues related to behavioral health.