Admissions Process

The three-part admission process includes submission of an application, attending a scheduled Boundless Day, and an interview with the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). The process, from application to the determination of admission, usually takes between two to four weeks.

If the student is accepted for admission, financial aid eligibility will be determined.

Step-by-step review of the admission process:

  1. Download, complete and submit the application by mail to
    Liguori Academy
    1952 E. Allegheny Avenue, 2nd Floor
    Philadelphia, PA 19134
  2. Contact the school and schedule a Boundless Day. With approval of parents / guardians, applicants will visit the school, meet students and experience the school environment. This visit is required before consideration of the application moves forward. Visits must be scheduled in advance and are offered only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  3. Both student applicant and his/her parents (or legal guardians) will be scheduled for an interview with Liguori school personnel.
  4. Liguori staff will review the student’s past performance and history, as well as current academic needs. When admission status has been determined, parents / guardians will receive notice by mail and/or phone call.
  5. Financial aid options will be reviewed once accepted, if requested by the family
  6. Family has 30 days from the date of acceptance to submit the following:
  • Signed acceptance statement
  • Executed financial responsibility agreement
  • Registration fee of $25


Download Forms

Boundless Day Form
Admission Application Form