Experiential Learning Program Scholarships

Local corporations and businesses can provide a work scholarship of up to $5,000 toward tuition for each student that participates in a full year of ELP work-place learning at their company. For more information on the ELP program, please contact us.

Phase 1: Prepare for Work-site Placement (ELP Prep)

Preparation for ELP begins in 9th grade and continues until graduation.

The Boundless Speakers Program welcomes industry and community professionals who visit Liguori classrooms and share helpful career-path insights. Not only do students meet and learn from STEM-oriented speakers, students also meet creative artists, athletes, communicators, students, educators, peers and citizens of other communities. Students hear about the personal and professional journeys of a diverse group.

ELP prep continues and focuses on both the vital “soft skills” and general organizational skills that they will need during their work-site placement and in the future, including:

  • Respectful professional and personal behavior including appearance and etiquette
  • Importance of punctuality and effective communication
  • Accurate record-keeping and tracking inventory
  • Effective uses of technology


Phase 2: Placement and Work-site Experience

Beginning in grade 10, the workplace component of ELP shifts into high gear as our students work at a company or business. Students have the opportunity to interact with professionals who will serve as mentors and role models.

  • Each August, selected students in grades 10, 11 or 12 will be assigned to a corporate sponsor for placement from September to June of that school year.
  • Liguori staff will work with our corporate workplace sponsor to effectively place students in settings that incorporate the needs of the sponsors with the skills and interests of the students.
  • The student will report to the location of the corporate ELP sponsor for one, eight- hour day each week, or for two four-hour days each week. This time is considered off-site class/learning time.
  • For participating in the ELP program, course credits are earned.
  • A Liguori staff member will be assigned to each corporate ELP sponsor to monitor and evaluate on-site student performance and communicate regularly with corporate ELP sponsors.
  • Students will complete a report each month describing, self-evaluating, offering suggestions and commenting about their workplace experiences.