Fortis Program

Liguori Academy and our Fortis Program

Our mission is to empower students to realize their boundless potential and prepare for meaningful lives and success in their chosen endeavors.  We focus on a comprehensive program of individualized instruction, academic remediation and behavioral support. Our model prepares high school students for graduation and a future that includes successful employment. Our vision is to provide our students with the education that every child deserves, and a path to follow when they leave us. We teach our students that every day offers opportunity and a path toward a boundless future. At Liguori, students have the support they need to achieve the goals we help them set.

The Liguori Experience

Our high school is different. We address students at their point of promise, and offer a personalized curriculum. Liguori’s model uses a high-performance data management system that allows students to “catch up” after a setback. Guided by data collected in real time, Liguori’s skilled teachers provide individualized instruction. This ensures that students are on track and meeting their personalized goals. In addition, Liguori offers an engaging project and career-based learning curriculum that makes education exciting and relevant. We focus on student abilities, believe that all students are exceptional and capable of success and that they will be significant contributors to the economy of our region.

Fortis Means Strong… Our Partnership with the School District of Philadelphia

The Liguori Academy Fortis Program provides a path to success for students who are currently, or who were previously enrolled in any school throughout the City of Philadelphia. Our program provides students with the opportunity to transition to a new school, a different environment, earn the credits needed for graduation, and receive a diploma. At our school, students will be offered a curriculum and educational support that recognizes their skills as well as their learning needs as they complete their required course of instruction. Fortis resources will be directed toward flexible alternatives that prepare graduates for post-secondary success in higher education, advanced vocational training, the military or the workplace. For more information about the Fortis program, contact us.

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What kind of school is Liguori?

Liguori has partnered with the School District of Philadelphia to offer returning students the opportunity to earn diplomas.  While Liguori does not offer instruction in specific careers or trades, our S.T.E.M. lab enhances our ability to conduct science, technology, engineering and math projects as part of our project-based curriculum.  We have a unique academic program that:

  • enables students to achieve and maintain grade-appropriate literacy levels with an individualized reading and math program
  • offers a project-based curriculum that relates to various careers and industries


Who is eligible for the Liguori Fortis Program?

Students between the ages of 15 to 21 who are over age and under-credited; are off-track for graduation; have already dropped out; have been identified as being at higher risk of dropping out; or who have not had success in traditional schools.  Additionally, students can have no more than 13.5 credits to be eligible for the Fortis Program


What will the Fortis Program offer?

Liguori Academy Fortis Program offers students the chance to earn high school credits and engage in a safe, supportive learning environment.  Fortis students will have opportunities to meet and work with industry professionals, mentors and career counselors who will help them determine the next step in their paths to success. At the successful completion of the program, a high school diploma will be issued.


Is there a cost for this program?

No. The School District of Philadelphia funds the program.


Are classes held at Liguori Academy?

Yes. All classes are held at Liguori Academy in Kensington.


Is transportation available?

Students who live more than 1.5 miles from our school are offered free SEPTA passes.


Are uniforms required?

Yes. Students must wear Liguori Academy uniforms. Dress code information will be provided to parents/guardians and students at the time of enrollment.


How long is the school day?

The school day runs from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


How long can students take to earn their credits?

Students can take a maximum of 2 ½ years to earn the credits needed for graduation and a diploma.


What is the first step in the Fortis Enrollment Process?

It is important for all parties to address the importance of student and family commitment to successfully participating in and completing the program.  Finally, parents/guardians and students must meet with Liguori Academy staff to discuss Fortis program expectations and opportunities.


Who can I contact about this program?

For more information about the Fortis program, contact Liguori Academy.