Student Testimonials

“The Fortis Program at Liguori Academy is a really good school. My favorite person is Pat, the Director of Climate and Culture. Pat is always on top of everything from making sure you’re okay, to getting to class, to wearing the correct uniform. He is also very understanding. This school provides so many opportunities in a safe environment.”
-Annita Ortiz


“The Fortis Program at Liguori Academy has helped keep me on track by providing me with a great work environment. The teachers are quick to respond whenever I need help or have a question. This is a great school with an amazing staff and positive environment.”
-Alexander Rodriguez


“I would recommend coming to the Fortis Program at Liguori Academy because you will love it here! This is my first year here and I’m finally getting the right education that I deserve.”
-Sean Lightner


“This is my first year attending the Fortis Program at Liguori Academy and so far, this year has been amazing. The teachers and staff are very nice and are always ready to help.”
-Alvin Ortiz

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