Who We Are

Liguori Academy is a non-profit, private high school (grades 9-12) located in the Kensington community of Philadelphia. We welcome a diverse population of students from throughout the region, and specifically aim to help those who have not found success in a traditional learning environment. Liguori takes pride in the family-like culture within our school and our motto of boundless love.

In contrast to traditional high schools, Liguori provides an open-space learning setting. Our flexible classrooms allow students to easily adjust their work space to accommodate group projects or individualized learning. We maintain a small student to teacher ratio which allows teachers to be more engaged with the students.

Our Model

What makes the Liguori model different is that we use hand-tailored curriculum to drive our instructional approach. By combining computer-based coursework and collaborative classroom environments, students encounter innovative educational opportunities centered around their individual needs. Since 50% of students’ coursework is completed online, faculty can track and monitor progress in real time, aiding academic achievement. Additionally, students are given the MAP assessment three times per year, which measures growth and proficiency in Math and Reading.

Our Mission

To prepare our future leaders through individualized learning in a community that offers boundless opportunities.

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