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“After working in education my entire career, seeing students be dismissed for their struggles, or fall behind due to a lack of support, I knew that we needed to provide a better option. Liguori Academy has given me the opportunity to bring that better option to life, giving our students a better chance for success.

I dreamed of building a school where every student had a seat in the front of the room and that no opportunity would be out of their reach. I knew that our school needed to exist in a neighborhood that was most in need, and although we wouldn’t a catholic school, it was important to name the school after Alphonsus Liguori. Alphonsus had a love for those who were marginalized, and he believed that through boundless love all things become possible. The concept of boundless love is what we built our school on. We believe that through our teachers, administration, benefactors and friends, our students come to know that love, and it is then they realize the world of boundless opportunities in front of them.

I’m grateful to everyone who has supported and believed in my vision, for without them none of this would be possible. It truly has been a team effort to give our students the best chance for success. Together we can change the lives of our city’s youth, shape the next group of future leaders for our region, and demonstrate that through love all things are possible”.

-Michael Marrone
President of Liguori Academy

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