Liguori Academy

About Liguori Academy

In September, 2016, Liguori Academy welcomed its first class to our private, independent high school located in the Kensington community of Philadelphia. Liguori was established to give students a choice in their education and provide them with a platform that works for them.

With our unique model we monitor and track students’ progress in real time. This education program allows students to progress at a rate that they are comfortable. For students that have not found success in a traditional school setting or have fallen behind due to external factors, we offer academic remediation in Reading and Math. In our first year of the remediation program we were able to advance students 1.75 years in math skills and 3.2 years in reading.

In addition to our education program, we also offer a workforce development component. The workforce development program provides opportunities for students to develop basic skills that will make them successful in the workforce and/or college life. Students can also participate in internships where they’ll utilize the skills, they learned through various workforce seminars and classes at Liguori Academy.

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