Liguori Academy – History


2008: Michael Marrone begins initial discussions about creating a new school. A group of educators and specialists are identified and come together to meet on a monthly basis

2011: Liguori Academy becomes incorporated as a 501c3 organization and begins offering remediation services in existing schools. Staff begins to canvas and meet with people in the Kensington area.

2014: Building search begins and Kensington is determined as the neighborhood to serve

2015: Michael Marrone meets Casey O’Donell, CEO of Impact Services who offers space in their building at 1952 E. Allegheny Ave

2016: Liguori Academy gets approved for its private school license. Renovations to the space need to be completed in less than 6 months  Our doors open in September as we welcome the first group of students.

2017: The School District of Philadelphia awards Liguori Academy a contract for an accelerated learning program for students who are over-age and under credited. Renovations to take over a second floor occur over the summer, and Fortis opens in September with 125 students.

2018: Building search begins as we reach our capacity in existing space

2019: Philadelphia Works awards Liguori Academy with a workforce development grant for over $600,000. The Lenfest Foundation also supports this initiative with a grant of $100,000 to Liguori.

2020: The first full senior class from Liguori Academy graduates.


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