Liguori Academy – History

Our History

Liguori Academy is grounded in the spirit of St. Alphonsus Liguori’s “boundless love” credo. We are committed to making our students…our future citizens…understand that their hard work offers them boundless opportunities. The foundation for what would become Liguori Academy High School was laid in 2011. At that time, a group of dedicated educators reached a turning point. They made a decision to disrupt the system. The status quo was not an option.

Learning gaps caused by absences, family, health or economic crises, often limited a student’s potential to catch up. After years of seeing intelligent students stuck in a downward spiral of failure, the educators challenged themselves, and asked the following questions:


  1. How can we address students at their point of promise instead of at their point of deficit?
  2. How can we link “knowing” and “doing” and create an incentive for students to excel?
  3. How can we transition students to similar success in the workplace?

Led by Mike Marrone, long-time high-school educator and counselor, the group went to work. Members began brainstorming, visiting schools, meeting with parents, teachers and social workers as they sought sound and responsible solutions. They did their research, read the law and consulted experts.

Then, motivated by the vision of local philanthropist and businessman Ray Mirra, they took the leap. A new education choice was needed, and they would “build” it. A community was selected, a building was found, an innovative academic program was designed, high standards were set, students were recruited, volunteers pitched in. The ongoing quest for financial support continues.

On September 6, 2016, the ribbon was cut, the doors flew open and we proudly and lovingly welcomed our first group…the class of 2020. Each year, another group will join the journey to a boundless future. Expectations are high and these expectations will be met.

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