Sponsor a Student Program

At Liguori Academy, we believe that every child deserves an educational program that meets their learning needs and sets them up for success. For this reason, we ensure that those most in need receive financial assistance through our Sponsor a Student Program. By alleviating the financial burden from the family, we enable them to focus more clearly on their child’s education. We do this by partnering with individuals, groups, and companies that are gracious enough to sponsor students. How the Sponsor a Student Program works:
  • An individual or group commits to sponsor the cost of a student’s tuition for a year or more. Sponsors can also choose to fund a portion of the tuition.
  • Tuition can be broken up into monthly payments or given as a single donation.
  • Sponsors will be designated a student and will receive regular updates on their progress.
  • You will be invited to meet and spend time with the student you sponsor events planned at Liguori Academy.
As a sponsor you will directly impact a student’s future and will be investing in the next generation of contributors to our region’s economy and beyond. We’ve created an environment where our students feel supported and we teach team them everyday that there are boundless opportunities available to them, no matter what their circumstances are. Please consider Liguori Academy’s Sponsor a Student Program and be a champion for our students today.